A small group of Star Wars fans have taken the extraordinary step of secreting actor Billy Dee Williams to a place of hiding in order to preserve the safety of his character, Lando Calrissian.

A spokesman for the newly formed Star Wars Favourites Defence (The) Force stated the following:

“For years we have wanted to see Lando back on the big screen. Now we think his return to the Star Wars films isn’t worth the risk.

The producers of the new films seem intent on killing off our beloved old characters. Han came back, he was great, and then he was dead. Luke came back, he was great, and then he was also dead. Leia came back, died in real life, and yet is still alive in the films. It doesn’t make sense.

The way things are going we can envisage Lando’s character coming back in Episode IX, beaming that great big smile at the audience, and then having a space piano drop on his head. For that reason we have taken Mr Williams into hiding. We will keep his whereabouts secret until we have written, legal assurances from Disney that they will make no attempt on his fictional alter-ego’s life. We just hope that Disney can’t piece together a map to locate him.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has opened to superlative critical reviews but has upset many fans for what they perceive as an almost vindictive assault on their cherished hopes and dreams.

Disney have not commented but they are believed to be investigating the development. It is thought that a planned 3 film spin-off for unloved character Maz Kanata may now be in jeopardy.